About Us

simple solutions to complex problems

Pluma Knowledge Solutions is founded and led by a team of professionals with rich industry experience, technology expertise and excellent management skills. The leadership team at Pluma is focused on building new talent in the organization with emphasis on technology and domain. The leadership team is directly involved in providing solutions and customer interaction.

Pluma's current focus is on the flagship product suite pluGence devices based on IoT. Industry needs to digitize and transfer small piece of data at various points of process to back-end. At present a lot of manual effort is spent to digitize and transport the data, which can be automated using our product suite. By design, our products are configurable for any industry.

Pluma is powered by members with excellent technical and managerial capabilities. The team at Pluma prefers to use standards based open source and platform independent technologies. The team has extensive experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Enterprise Java platform, Web application development, and Embedded Systems Development. The team has expertise in handling data and computation intensive applications.

Pluma is a learning organization and its members continuously update themselves with new technologies, process and management trends in the industry.

  • SMALL: Pluma is small by design. We believe in high quality, focused and niche creation. We have a focus on small and medium enterprises. Being small, we understand the realities and challenges of small and medium size organizations. We treat each customer uniquely.
  • AGILE: As the business environment is dynamic, business needs keep changing. We are agile and adapt quickly to the changing needs of the customers.
  • FOCUSED: We have technology focus, small and medium enterprise focus, and knowledge solutions focus.
  • SOLUTION ORIENTED: We provide you business solutions based on information retrieval, knowledge discovery, and text mining.



  • Embedded Systems (Electronics & Software)

  • Product Design & Development

  • WiFi Communications, I-IoT

  • Enterprise Software Applications

  • Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, AI

  • Innovation